The Pre-Wedding Detox Every Bride Should Know

While looking great on a daily basis is every girl’s dream, looking fantastic on your wedding day is absolutely essential. Because the key to wellness starts in the kitchen and ends in the treadmill, we’ve brought you a few pre-wedding detox tips to get your skin glowing, your smile shining and your body striking just in time for the big day. Check them out and keep sipping that agua

Tip 1: Bye Bye Junk Food, Hello Greens

Not that we have to tell you this, but let’s be real, french fries, burgers, soda and other processed foods are a fast way ticket to weight gain. To get your dream bride bod, try cutting out refined sugars and carbs from your diet, as well as dairy and high doses of caffeine. For breakfast, trade your morning joe for a strong green tea and a juicy green apple. For lunch, juice up your veggies and snack on some almonds. Then, for dinner, forget the cocktail and prep yourself a loose-leaf chai instead – add a hint of almond milk and you’re all set to go!

About two weeks before the big day, try to keep your fatty food intake to a minimum. Go for fresh market foods like lean meats and plenty of veggies; also, stay away from goodies that tend to bloat – like chickpeas, beans and cheese. You certainly don’t want to feel puffy and uncomfortable while walking down the aisle!

Eating a balanced, healthy diet is all well and good, but if you’re going for that extra boom – which of course, you are – think about incorporating natural antioxidants into your diet. No, we’re not talking about chocolate. Some suggestions include: ginger, green tea, garlic, kale, papaya, flaxseed and coconut water, among others. Embrace the detox and soon, you’ll feel so good it’ll be all you’ll want to eat. 

Tip 2: Drink Up, The Smart Way

Wash out those empty calories and unwanted fats with the most simple and wonderful liquid: H2O. During your detox, really focus on staying hydrated at all times. When at work, always keep a water bottle by your side. Learn to love that green tea and say a temporary goodbye to that post-work happy hour. As much as you may love your hot Starbucks latte in the morning and your sweet chilled bubbly at night, now is a time for water – give it a chance!

We’ve all heard about those picture-perfect juice cleanses, but personally, we don’t really believe they’re the answer. For us, the key to a sexy wedding bod is to eat smart, hydrate constantly and drink yo’ veggies! Start your day off with a vitamin-packed green juice or sugar-free protein shake that’ll boost your immune system and get your mental juices flowing. For your iced water, think about blending in some fresh lemon juice and few pieces of cucumber for a more enjoyable taste. A Good strong liquid nutrient boost is the perfect way to wake yourself up in the morning and get your pretty legs moving – no coffee needed. P.S. if coffee is an absolute must for you, keep it to a max of two cups per day, as it tends to bloat the belly. 

Tip 3: Jog, Squat, Rest, Repeat

Apart from eating and drinking healthy, a fit and stunning body means giving yourself a daily dose of exercise. Start with some light jogging in the morning – right before work, to get your brain cells working – and some muscle toning at night. Your digestion will improve, as will your circulation, mood and ability to think clearly. Plus, with all those endorphins, your pores will feel clean and your skin radiant. 

Another essential tip to keep yourself healthy and active is to make a conscious effort to get at least eight hours of sleep every night. For workaholics it may seem like a lot, but you'll be surprised at how much more energetic, lean and gorgeous you'll feel after just a few days of quality beauty sleep. 

Good luck ladies! After this cleanse, there’s no way you won’t look absolutely fab in that wedding dress.