8 Wedding Décor Trends For Every Type Of Bride

A girl's wedding day is something she dreams about her entire life –  she plans it, replays it in her mind, changes her vision as time goes by, but it is always absolutely perfect. That is how we want your special day to be. Because we understand the changing trends, the endless themes and the ever-present fantasies of a flawless moment with your other half, we've brought you some of our favorite décor ideas... you know, to make your life easier.

By now, you probably know if you're a sweet pastel gal or an energetic burgundy babe, but if you don't, we're here to help. After all, it never hurts to continue being inspired. Take a look!

1. Effortless Beauty

A wedding made for the timeless couple that loves tradition.  With nothing but love for each other and those they hold dearest, this is the classic wedding almost every little girl dreams of. The dress is a simple cream or pure white, backless and with few adornments. The bridesmaids are in a soft peach or nude and the groom has never been happier. The men wear dark grey or soft beige and the flowers match the season. 

The bride's makeup is minimal, only there to highlight her true beauty & gloss up her already gorgeous smile. The location is a blooming garden or quiet beach and the guests are all family. It's a small wedding: intimate, honest and unbearably beautiful, like the couple itself. 

2. Too Cool For School 

This wedding is for the energetic friends who've known each other for centuries, lived through it all and just want to keep experiencing the world together. They are best friends and soulmates. And let's face it, a wedding for this crowd this is just another excuse to see the people they love most, explore a new city and throw one heck of a party.  

The guests are of all ages, sharing a spirit of possibility, youth and excitement. The drinks are strong, fun and on-trend, as are all the activities – perfect for an energetic crowd.

The ambiance is positive, the food is casual, and the music is fit for a college dance party. This night, like the couple's marriage is solely based on joy of love, friends, and life. 

3. Bonding With Nature

For the outdoorsy lovers who like to keep it simple, this lively nature-filled wedding is a breath of fresh air and a dream come true. Whether you like cool greenery, sandy beaches or floral plains, this au natural, organic theme will go perfectly with the naturally scenic backdrop. 

A trendy and eco-friendly theme, this consists of grey cement, cork, wood, and stone to create a rustic ambiance. Food will be healthful and locally sourced.  The essence of understated elegance and simplicity, this look is ideal for the world-travelers and nature-lovers alike. 

You, your partner and a field of never ending green – what else could a blushing bride need? 

4. Let The Vibrant Colors Shine

For those whose joy is so large it must be shown through color, this vibrant wedding style is pure unfiltered happiness at its best. The flowers will be blooming and bursting with color, while the drinks are sweet and the food made to delight. 


There will be families, children, loved ones in every corner – all spinning with joy at the thought of this lighthearted couple together forever. 

The music will echo the joyous mood as will the attire. This bride will not be constricted to the tradition of white. She is her own woman and is proud to cross boundaries if in the name of love. There will be pinks, yellows, purples and ocean blues. Everything will be a colorful symbol of the couple's future together, and the many memories to come. 

5. Morning Elegance

Early-birds and brunch lovers unite! For an elegant bride, there is nothing more modern than a chic brunch wedding filled with endless bubbly, sweet macaroons and a peaceful live band. The décor will be of endless white, marshmallow pinks and eggshell yellows. 

The hors d'oeuvres will be fresh and a teaser for what's to come. Brunch will have twists on the classics followed by an over-the-top array of bite-size desserts. You know, in case you want more than one! Everything will be nutritious while stimulating the palette. 

The champagne will never end, and the guests will make loving toasts and look glorious with the morning sunshine. The bride will be exquisite in a simple hairdo and rosy makeup, highlighting her glowing cheeks. The morning reception will turn into an all-day adventure, perfect for the couple to escape at sundown and go on to live the rest of their picture-perfect lives. 

6. Glamour & Glitz

For the glamorous couple who wants it all and knows how to get it, this sophisticated wedding décor is gold, sparkling and fit for royalty. The champagne and cream-filled pastries will be essential, as will the decadent entrees, extravagant cheeses and chocolate covered fruits. The staff will look flawless in black and white, as will the guests – matching perfectly with the scenery. 

The bride and groom – always gorgeous – will have never looked better. They will enter as if from a fairytale, holding hands and with Hollywood smiles. The scheme will be white, tan and golden with black accents and touches of light. The decorations will be elaborate and romantic. Every guest will feel lucky to witness such as celebration of love. 

Luxury will be the recurring theme in this dreamy wedding. No photograph will be flawed, no light dimmed and no smile shaken. For this couple, everything is doable and anything is possible. 

7. Zen By The Waves

Relaxed, peaceful and in the moment, this wedding is for the peace-loving and carefree couple who simply wishes to be together in the presence of those they love. The florals will be fresh and the beaches sandy. The bride's gown will flow in the wind and her hair will blow freely and still look like perfection. The groom will be himself, just like she likes him. It will be entirely raw, uncomplicated and beautiful in its simplicity. 

Paradise and purity will be the essence of this wedding. No rules, no restrictions, just a group of loving friends and a couple with no doubts. It will be simple yet extraordinary in its truthfulness. The waves will pass, the toasts will be heartfelt and the memories will last forever. 

8. Midnight Romance

The only option for those hopeless romantics, this midnight reception and all-night fête will be a demonstration of true love, devotion and eternity. The lights will create magic in the deep night skies, as will the endless rows of candles, golden lamps and warm adornments. 

The ambiance will be passionate with an air of mystery. It will be festive but quiet and romantic for every soul there. This wedding will celebrate love and all that is beautiful. The couple will enjoy their moments of intimacy while rejoicing in this nocturnal celebration created by their loved ones and the magic of the stars. 

Every moment will be candid, unrehearsed and never ending. The attire will be traditional with unexpected decorations, creating a freeing ambiance in which your guests will believe all things are possible. The bride will feel like she can fly in her pearly gown and the groom will have never felt more alive in his fitted navy suit – blending in with the color of the night.