2017's Most Exciting Wedding Trends

With millennials taking over the wedding universe in 2017, edgy decor, natural beauty and vintage-inspired themes are some of the trends to look forward to. Check out our top picks and get inspired!

Faraway Destinations

While there will always be room for bohemian weddings in the Bahamas and tropical paradise getaways to Costa Rica, couples are getting more and more creative with their dream destinations. Thailand, Canada, Iceland and Italy seem to be some of the most popular choices for 2017!

Hanging Lights

These days, trendy millennials are taking advantage of the vertical visual space above their long dinner tables and highlighting it with a hint of unexpected light. Tall tapers paired with luxurious candelabras, low-hanging string lights or edgy Edison bulbs and chandeliers in a variety of shapes and sizes are the lighting trends we expect to see in 2017 – and we can’t wait!

Edgy Metallics

Todays young brides continue to embrace metals such as copper, rose gold, and pewter because they’re of their extreme versatility and relaxed charm. No matter which look you’re going for, knowing how to pair these metals with your palette of choice can take you from beach casual to black-tie in no time. Use the shine well, and embrace those metals!

Organic Bouquets & Air Plants

Everything seems to be leading us back to our earthy roots, even in the world of weddings! This coming year we’re thrilled to see more organic, somewhat disorderly bouquets with dry tones and winter florals. We’re also expecting a great rise in the air plant trend. Hanging gardens and fresh garlands are sure to be a hit. 

Elaborate Entertainment & Guest Activities

Engaging with the guests is becoming more and more important for our 2017 couples. Apart from making grand entrances, hiring live bands, fire eaters and exotic performers, lovebirds are also looking to entertain in subtle, simple ways. Think interactive photo booths, Instagramable props, karaoke stages, etc. 

Cool, Dreamy Decor

A loss of saturation is one of the trends we’re most excited to see in the coming year. Soft, rosy greys, silky creams and dry golds are just some of our favorites. When it comes to materials, thin glass, distressed wood and rough metals will likely take the spotlight.

Here's to trendy glamour and a joyful new year.