What's The Price For The Perfect Wedding Dress?

Every girl knows that having a wedding can end up being a huge investment – and to be honest, we're all still so happy to do it. Plus, who doesn't like shopping for wedding dresses? To give you an idea of how much it'll cost you to purchase your dream gown, we've created a rundown of typical wedding dress prices, tips and suggestions. Take a look and get ready to shop!

Designer Dreaming

While every girl wants a fabulous couture gown for their fairytale wedding, what we wish for and what we can afford are often two very different things. However, if you're up for splurging on a gorgeous high-end gown to accent your flawless figure, it will likely cost you from $3,000 to $10,000 before the additional expenses. Of course, there's always those $30,000 vintage Valentinos – but that's your call!

From a designer wedding dress you can expect custom-made silk, perfect hand-stitched lace, glamorous bead detailing and plenty of other elaborate embellishments. Plus, once you reach these glamorous heights, the shopping world is truly your oyster, and you can easily create your dream gown with the help of your favorite designers. 

Is it worth it? We think so!

Down-To-Earth Glam

If intricate designer dresses is not your thing and you're up for the rush of boutique shopping with all your main gals, an off-the-rack or custom made model is the choice for you. While many ladies tend to look down on the term "off-the-rack", believe us when we tell you there are some incredibly gorgeous gowns out there, and the label does not need to read Vera Wang for it to look absolutely stunning as you walk down the aisle. 

Whether you choose to shop at a chain bridal retailer or at your local bridal boutique, a dress will cost you from $500 to $1,500 – depending on the amount of beading and detail.

Pretty & Quaint

If budget-friendly, cute and trendy is your go-to style, a simple, on-sale wedding gown from a chain bridal retailer or local department store will cost around $500 or less. For these simpler gowns, you can expect elegant cuts and soft fabrics with minimal details – which just may be ideal for a casually sophisticated Naples beach wedding! 

What's Included?

Most bridal salons will provide you with personalized services and assistance to help guide you through the shopping and fitting process. They can recommend accessories, makeup looks, minor dress adjustments, etc.

Will There Be Additional Fees?

Alteration costs and last-minute fixes can often be problematic when shopping for a wedding gown. When you try on your dress, make sure to ask the designer or bridal salon whether alterations are included and if it would possible to make an estimate of the alteration costs in advance. Remember, when it comes to bridal duties, planning is key!

For custom-made or out-of-city gowns, remember to consider the shipping costs and dates. Do not, we repeat, DO NOT wait until the last minute on something as special as this! Just in case, try to have your finished dress a few weeks in advance so you can check for imperfections and plan your entire beauty look ahead of time.

Find the Right Bridal Salon

Your perfect bridal salon, boutique or designer will be that which reflects your taste, style, body shape and budget. For some of our personal faves in the area, take a look:

Best of luck!