I’ve always had an affinity for wedding photography and after photographing architecture successfully for more than 10 years, I decided it was time to add my passion to my portfolio. As much as I enjoy capturing the warmth of a cozy room or the angular façade of a modern building, nothing beats the emotion of a first kiss captured for eternity.

After relocating to southwest Florida I discovered a welcoming community of Naples wedding photographers that made me one of them and encouraged me to follow my calling. That’s how we are here today.

When I'm not home "working" you can find me at home watching re-runs of any motorsport race my girlfriend hasn't yet deleted, reading a sci-fi book, or glued to my computer looking for airfares to visit my nieces back home in the Dominican Republic.


The devil’s in the details. I’ll be on the hunt for that quick glance, that squeeze of a hand and that tear of joy. I believe those moments are who we are and can’t be staged. I’ll let your wedding unfold naturally because I want your images to be snapshot of authentic moments.

During the couples’ portraits, I’ll provide guidance for best practices, while still allowing “you to be you.”  Ultimately, it is all about the connection that emanates from you as a couple, on the path to husband and wife. And if for some crazy reason you think you are not photogenic, believe me, there’s no better photo enhancer than being in love.

-Gabriel (hello@grosario.com)